Tim Daust

President, CEO
Director, DP, VFX Artist, Projectionist
Tim started as an editor in Television / Film production back in 1997. His interest in making video games transformed into making movies. Tim has over 2 decades of post production and visual effects experience. Tim has directed or shot over 100 Music Videos and counting.




Zac Lux

Chief Sales Officer, SEO, Marketing

Digital Marketing veteran turned next-generation analytics fanatic and technologist. Over 13 years of experience including multiple roles within solutions engineering, client services leadership, managing cross-platform advertising solutions, UX design, and eCommerce. Possesses rich and expansive digital marketing and information technology industry experience combined with an effective and genuine client facing persona.



Eli Maxey

Gaffer, Camera Op, Actor
Eli started as an AC for Reality TV shows all around the Southeast. He quickly worked his way to Camera Op which spawned a new found love for storytelling. Between Acting Eli has been Gaffer on just about every Reelmind Studios Production. He loves being in front of the camera as much as behind it.




Quick Turnarounds

Tight Deadline? We understand that time is money and you needed this yesterday. Reelmind Studios can help even when the deadline seems unrealistic. We scale our workflow to fit your project.

Innovative Ideas

We believe in a culture that encourages everyone to share their thoughts. This is how the brightest most forward thinking ideas are born.

Cutting Edge Technology

We stay up to date with the latest in digital filmmaking tools. We use the most powerful hardware and advanced software. Some of which isn’t even out yet.

Clear Communication

We take the time needed to understand everything your project needs. Communiction is considered the most important aspect of our customer service.